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Closeup Shot Snouts Cute Dog Cat Sitting Cheek Cheek Scaled
A closeup shot of the snouts of a cute dog and a cat sitting cheek to cheek

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Cat vs dog: Cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world. Note that cats are more independent and are generally cheaper and less demanding pets. Also dogs are loyal and obedient but require more attention and exercise, including regular walks.

Cat vs dog: Crucial Findings

cats are more popular than tykes in 91 countries, and tykes more popular in 76 countries.
The United States, Australia, and the UK are all canine-people countries.
New York City had the loftiest number of cat- or canine- tagged prints in the world, and 59.6 were about pussycats rather than dogs .
London is the only British capital mega-city in favor of pussycats; Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast all prefer dogs .

Cat vs dog: Comparison chart

Closeup Shot Snouts Cute Dog Cat Sitting Cheek Cheek
A Closeup Shot Of The Snouts Of A Cute Dog And A Cat Sitting Cheek To Cheek
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SpeciesFelis catusCanis lupus familiaris
GroomingLess frequent if short-haired – no baths, if long-haired, frequent brushing. Short-haired still requires brushing, but not as often.Brush at least once a month unless their species is hypoallergenic, if so have their fur cut 1-3 times a year
Speed30 mph20-45 mph
Life Expectancy12-25 years12-18
Hunting abilityHouse cats who have access to good food 24/7 will not hunt. But if there is a mouse in the house and your pet has a schedule you better believe it.All dogs have the ability to hunt, but they probably will not if you feed them.
LonelinessCats are typically solitary animals and don’t mind being left at home alone.Dogs are pack animals and are fine together. They will wait for you at the door all day.
SpaceCats are small, thus being prey to larger preditors. They like small spaces and don’t mind apartments.Dogs are not bad in apartments if you train them right, but it depends on the breed. Don’t shove your pet into anything extremely small.
AffectionCats will love you on their own, if a cat notes you it could just be a “you are dominant over me” thing.Dogs will love you if you treat them well.
ProtectionThey will protect you if they love you.They will protect you.
Good with childrenMost cats are not good with small children, (babies to 3 yrs). Or tweens (5-7 yrs). But ages 8-11 do very well with them.It depends on the dog.
EnergyGenerally lazy; can sleep for 16 hours a day. Some cats are very active and healthy. ABOUT 50% ACTUALLY.It depends on the dog.
WalksSome cats like being walked.House dogs should be walked 3 times a day.
Physical CharacteristicsMost have four legs, some have more than four toes. They weigh 5-20 pounds and most are covered in fur. They have scent glands on the dock of the or tales, the bottom of the ears, and the noses. They vary in color.Dogs have pointed, flopped, or pricked ears. They typically have four legs and four toes. Most are furry, they vary in color.
House trainingEasily trained to use a litter boxEasily trained to scratch at the door to go potty.
Human languageSome learn their name, respond to a pleasant high-pitched voice. They hiss at one another and save meows for humans. They can be trained.They learn their name and can be trained easily. They bark, growl and make other vocalizations, some can say the words “no” and ” yes”.
Should I get one??Great for small homes and apartments, they have to keep there claws sharp so maybe not in your living room. Do not declaw unless they will never go outside again.Dogs are great pets for people who love going outside. They chew furniture though, but if you train them they wont.
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